What is Xenothreat?

XenoThreat (XT) is a server wide PVE event.

The premise is that the XenoThreat (a very anti-alien and anti-corporate outlaw group), who are based in Pyro, are launching raids into Stanton.

The event has three phases, and we have to complete phase one before phase two will start.

Phase 1 is the incoming warning that XenoThreat are inbound from Pyro to Stanton. This is the preparation phase

Phase 2 is based around all of us having to help resupply the Javelin. Incoming shipments have been ambushed by the XT, and we have to out to the wreck sites and collect all of the cargo and transport it to INS Jericho. There is a fixed about of cargo that has to be delivered to end phase one.

Phase 3 starts once the Javelin is fully stocked and we join it at a fixed location to repel the incoming wave of XT, which includes a number of Idris Frigates.

Where do I need to be?

This event takes place near MIC-L1. You should travel there and set your imprint to the hospital there.

You can buy armor, weapons and medical guns at Mic-L1

What do I need to bring with me?

If you are going to help clear the wrecks of NPC bad guys, you’ll want to bring combat gear. Each ship has usually 6 to 7 AI. P4-ARs and P8s are typically what the NPCs carry, so extra ammo is typically available of their bodies.

Everyone should bring at a minimum:

  • Med gun
  • Multi-tool with Tractor beam attachment
  • Flares to help IFF (Identity Friend or Foe)

Phase 1

Get the mission, report for duty!

The event starts by you taking the priority mission.

Once you have the mission, fly from MIC-L1 to Jericho Station. Once there the mission will update and direct you where to go.

Phase 2

Secure the Supplies

The first task is to fly out to where the Supply ships are being ambushed. Fighters will then engage and clear out all the XT while cargo crews find Supply Ships Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.

To board the supply ships, you will need to find an entrance into the wreck. They will vary based on the wreck. Once you find a way in, you will need to progress down to the cargo bay dealing with any NPC characters along the way.

Once the ship is secure, you will need to open the Cargo bay. There will be a generator next to the cargo door that you will activate to open the main door.

The next step is to load the cargo onto your ship. There are three types of Cargo to recover-



Damage Sensitive Cargo. Will explode if handled roughly.



Time Sensitve Cargo. This is the last cargo you will remove and load.



Quantum Sensitive Cargo. Will explode if your ship enters Quantum.

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